The Erie Canal was cutting edge technology back in the mid-1800's. It was important to everyday life to many Upstate New Yorkers. In this way, today's technology is vital to Upstate New Yorkers as well.

Ways to save on your cable bill...

 1- Roko-  I can install for $100 which includes the Roku Box as well as installation.
   *Please note, Roku is a great way to save money on cable but you may not need depending on what you already have such as a smart TV.

 2- A digital antenna for your TV.  I install for $30 and includes the antenna.

 3- VOIP Home phone. 
 I install for $50 and includes installion of Nettelk (please note, the amount of FREE months is dependent on the deal Nettalk has at the time).

 4- All can be purchased with installation for $160.

 5- Norton Anti-virus software.  $30 per device per year (2017 rates).

 *All rates subject to change.  Installation Syracuse Metro area only.  Please call 716-574-8049 or email